Good Communication is recognizable

Squeezed till the last drop

A fundamental step to analyse, understand and define the client needs.
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Synthesis
  • Strategy
  • Concept

Geared globally to design globally.

The core of each project: the elaboration and presentation of the creative idea.
  • Creative process
  • Design
  • Visualization
  • Presentation.

Producing a great crop

The production: making things happen: the return on the investment for the client.
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staging
  • Floor direction
  • Printing
  • Media production

A good job is a perfect beginning.

The way ahead to build a fruitful relationship with the client.
  • Evaluation
  • Transformation
  • Continuity

Communications s.r.l.

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20143 Milano, Italia
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I accept the policy Invia una nuova richiesta

OFFICIAL INFORMATION ON THE HANDLING OF PERSONAL DATA in compliance with Italian Decree Law No. 196/2003

Description of handling of personal data and all information useful for assisting the business activities of this company.

Data will be gathered, stored and used for as long as there exists a relationship with the interested party.

Type of data

Personal and common

Holder of above described handler

Creative Communications srl - Via Morimondo 26 building 16/A - 20143 - Milano - Italy

Rights pertinent to subject of handling Those included in Section 7 of the abovementioned decree law.

Objective of above mentioned handling of data

Operational management data and documents for business and information-related requests

Handling procedures Your data will be predominantly handled with electronic and automatic tools.

Compulsory nature of data The personal data you are asked for are of an optional nature. However their absence will prevent us from carrying out services to you. Accordingly, compulsory and procedural acknowledgment of this information statement represents an essential condition for us to be able supply our services.

All subjects and subjects that may come into contact with the data are of a purely functional purpose.

Any companies, research programmes, bodies and schools that can access such data lead back to Creative Communications srl and will have been entrusted with the handling of the data by our company.

Monica De Anna

Associate partner of Creative Communications since 1996. Born in Genoa in 1961, attended the Faculty of Foreign Language and Literature at the University of Genoa. In 1982 moved to London for one year, improving her English at the Central London Polytechnic University. Back to Italy, settled in Milan, beginning her career at Leo Burnett, working for clients such as Kellogg's and Cathay Pacific. In 1992 followed the international coordination for the advertising activities of Fiat Auto and the set up of the Turin offices of Leo Burnett. In 1995 joined Class Company, first as an Account Supervisor, then as Account Director on Fina Petroli and New Business Development. At the same time, attending a Master in Marketing Communications at the Bocconi University, also became a mother. In 1996 decided to take one year sabbatical, though after only one month, she met Monika Unger and changed her mind.