Good Communication is recognizable

Squeezed till the last drop

A fundamental step to analyse, understand and define the client needs.
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Synthesis
  • Strategy
  • Concept

Geared globally to design globally.

The core of each project: the elaboration and presentation of the creative idea.
  • Creative process
  • Design
  • Visualization
  • Presentation.

Producing a great crop

The production: making things happen: the return on the investment for the client.
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staging
  • Floor direction
  • Printing
  • Media production

A good job is a perfect beginning.

The way ahead to build a fruitful relationship with the client.
  • Evaluation
  • Transformation
  • Continuity

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20143 Milano, Italia
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OFFICIAL INFORMATION ON THE HANDLING OF PERSONAL DATA in compliance with Italian Decree Law No. 196/2003

Description of handling of personal data and all information useful for assisting the business activities of this company.

Data will be gathered, stored and used for as long as there exists a relationship with the interested party.

Type of data

Personal and common

Holder of above described handler

Creative Communications srl - Via Morimondo 26 building 16/A - 20143 - Milano - Italy

Rights pertinent to subject of handling Those included in Section 7 of the abovementioned decree law.

Objective of above mentioned handling of data

Operational management data and documents for business and information-related requests

Handling procedures Your data will be predominantly handled with electronic and automatic tools.

Compulsory nature of data The personal data you are asked for are of an optional nature. However their absence will prevent us from carrying out services to you. Accordingly, compulsory and procedural acknowledgment of this information statement represents an essential condition for us to be able supply our services.

All subjects and subjects that may come into contact with the data are of a purely functional purpose.

Any companies, research programmes, bodies and schools that can access such data lead back to Creative Communications srl and will have been entrusted with the handling of the data by our company.

Fresh News

  • Kimberly-Clark Sales Convention

    March 2014

    Annual Sales Convention - Berlin

  • Pirelli Truck Product Launch

    March 2013

    Pirelli Truck Product Launch in Munich - march 2013

  • Kimberly-Clark Sales Convention

    March 2013

    Annual Sales Convention - Lisbon

  • Opening Video

    May 2012

    Opening Video Fidelity Live Roadshow 2012 - Fresh, Fast and Fun

  • Banca IPIBI Convention

    May 2012

    Banca IPIBI Convention in Florence - Italy

  • Liquid Crystal

    April 2012

    The Liquid Crystal ambitious project was on display in the Triennale prestigious Salone d’Onore during the 2012 edition of the Fuori Salone. The Crystal Pavilion, a magical floating object designed by Ross Lovegrove, was brilliantly produced, lit and projected on thanks to our creative engineering and production skills

  • Pirelli Winter Attraction – St. Petersburg

    March 2012

    Winter Scorpion Product Launch
    Creative Communications for Pirelli Scorpion Winter Product Launch event. The press conference took place in a totally immersive black setting in St. Petersburg, with video and 3D graphics projected onto a 12m wide screen. The guests entered the conference space through a suggestive snowy video installation. For the road testing, we created an ultimate entertainment by inviting Ken Block. Rally pilot, stuntmen, snowboarder, skater, especially known for his Gymkhana-style videos, which are extremely popular on YouTube. Ken tested the grip of Pirelli Winter Tyre at Igora Park, a sky resort close by St. Petersburg.

  • Snow On Board - Pirelli PZero

    March 2012

    In Russia testing the new winter tyres and the Pzero Snowboard, a new product developed in partnership by Pirelli and Burton. Formula 1 pilot Vitaly Petrov, the models Eugenia Volodina and Tanya Mityusina.

  • Kimberly-Clark Professional

    March 2012

    “Exceptional Workplaces”
    Kimberly-Clark Professional Annual EMEA Sales Conference - Budapest 2012

  • Creative Communications TENNIS PARTY

    August 2011

    First Edition of the Summer TENNIS PARTY by Creative Communications

  • Young Creative Poland in Production

    April 2011

    The 2011 edition of the Young Creative Poland project was all about young Polish furniture editors: a stand at the Salone dedicated to the new Polish productive realities.

  • Be Modern Home

    April 2011

    An 140sqm exhibition set in a private home to confront similarities and differences in the modernist living in the 50ies and 60ies in two very distant social and demographic realities: Scandinavia and Brazil

  • Wishes

    December 2010

    Season's Greetings from Creative Communications

  • Home staging. A new strategy for selling real estate.

    October 2010

    Creative Communications presents Home Staging. An innovative marketing tool for the real estate market.

  • Brazilian Modern exhibition, Salone del Mobile 2010

    May 2010

    View the video interview of the curators, Monika Unger and Cinzia Ferrara for Ultrafragola channel

  • Young Creative Poland - Salone del Mobile Milano 2010

    April 2010

    Young Creative Poland
    Held at the Triennale of Milan, Young Creative Poland showed the best of the young, vital, emerging design scene in Poland. A showcase of young designers presenting innovative and exciting projects in various creative fields: furniture design, industrial design, graphic design, fashion animation, architecture, engineering and multimedia.
    Exhibition curators: Miska Miller-Lovegrove with Anka Pietrzyk Simone and Monika Unger. Exhibition produced by Creative Communications

  • Brazilian Modern - Salone del Mobile Milano 2010

    April 2010

    The exhibition, hosted in the ex-church of San Pietro del Pellegrini (now a new location called Spazio Miticoro) is dedicated to the vivid creativity and craftsmanship of Brazilian Modernist Masters, such as Sergio Rodrigues. Over 60 pieces part of a private collection, the exhibition showcases masterpieces by Joaquim Tenreiro and Scapinelli, among many others. The exhibition is a rare testimony of a historical moment in which Brazil produced extraordinary, and sometimes extravagant, pieces of furniture as a response to Europe’s rigorous approach to furniture design.
    Exhibition curators: Cinzia Ferra and Monika Unger. Exhibition produced by Creative Communications

  • Sony - Salone del Mobile Milano 2010

    April 2010

    SONY “ Contemplating Monolithic Design”
    The exhibition, a showcase of innovative Sony products was an immersive experience, held at Officine Stendhal. Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the exhibition was produced in collaboration with Creative Communicastions who was also in charge of the design and production of the very posh Sony “Press Lounge” located on the Officine Terrace.

  • Redaelli international event

    December 2009

    Redaelli, the leading International tensostructures engineering company and speciality wire ropes manufacturer, announces the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Trieste which will produce the largest wire ropes in the world. Creative Communications designed and produced the international event for the launch of a new factory. The two days event was divided in different sessions: one for the press, the authorities and the Institutional guests and the second for the international customers. The presentation took place inside the factory dressed up for the occasion. The event culminated in a impressive choreographic reveal of the largest ropes production unit in the world (nearly 100m long). A suggestive show of lights and music followed by the guided visit of the installation. The presentation was also the occasion to unveil the new advertising campaign for Redaelli designed by Creative Communications: “the sense of Safety”